Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cool tools

Want to know what you think your final time may be based on your current abilities, tri the trTri Race calculator! Itcan help you guage what your goal paces and efforts have to be if you want to reach a certain time goal or what they may be based on your current level: Tri Planner

if you are tracking calories taken in, again I go to my new favorite website "Free calorie counter", that has a huge listing of foods and restaurant foods in it, pick what you ate and "calculate" it gives you all of the nutritional value. Awesome Food Index

How about how many calories you burn during any activity: Calories Burned

Ever wanted to lead a ride but hate to have to write up a route sheet, then have Google do it for you! As always google maps comes through again. This may be old news but I discovered last night that you can ask for driving directions and then move the blue line around to the route that you want. It automatically re-writes the route info! With some finagling you can create a circularroute by moving the desitation "flag" back up towards the start. I have not tested this yet but plan on doing so very soon! Google maps


Pam said...

no way! can't wait to try that!

Anonymous said...

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