Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sometimes, depite your best efforts you still end up drooling

Thursday evening myself and a coworker, Mike went to the "Carlos O Kelly" in Cedar Falls. This is a watered down Mexican place. One could say Applebees meets Taco Bell. Anyhow we got there and it turns out they are starting their St Patties day celebrations early and there was Lots of green everywhere. The place was PACKED! The restaurant seemed to go all out to encourage patrons to drink. Such as half price margaritas. Along these lines they had a special on a 80 ounce serving of margarita that came in what can only be called a Huge Blander with a tap. Naturally as concerned citizens we had to order one of these. Specifically the Orange Mango variety.

The food we ordered was fine, but was quite frankly not the focus of our attention. Cedar Falls is a college town and this place was just flowing with college kids and coeds. We were having fun people watching. And importantly making note of how little the level of Margarita in "The vat" went down whenever we filled a glass. Anyhow we each drank maybe 30-35 ounces of margarita, and we ended up offering to others because of the mountainous amounts of drink available.

We literally closed the place down. In fact we were caught up chatting with two couple in the booth next to us, who were fore some reason in the midst of a discussion on Douche bags. Don't ask.

I was stunned at the amount of information my coworker Mike had on the subject. I was immediately thinking he should author a wikipedia article on it. It was like a public service announcement with comments like "Every woman should douche at least once every year" and stuff like that. He immediately became "The Expert" on the subject, they came at him with questions like, "How much vinegar should be used ?" and Mr Wizard had an answer! I figure much of it was probably nuclear Margarita talking, but it sounded authoritative! I was impressed.

Anyhow these folks at Carlos O'Kelly were open 45 minutes past closing time literally only for us. We were completely oblivious top the fact that every other table around us was not only empty but the seats were stacked up. Yet no one person on staff said anything to us. Now THATS customer service.

The next day surprisingly I felt great. No hangover effect at all. Mike had a little problem in that he still felt the booze flowing through his veins. At one point he was going to hack up something when walking to the car, and let me tell you it was going to be good. He had coiled up( much like a panther ready to strike!), reared back made the hacking sound that lasted what seemed like seconds and let Loose! Only instead of seeing a giant wad of phlegm sail gracefully over the parking lot, it ended up sort of dripping out of his mouth. Yes folks, he ended up drooling. Which if you know Mike, that is just not his style.

Fortunately there were no cameras around or this "Spitter" story could have knocked the Spitzer story right out of the top google search with the visuals alone.

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Philip LaVoie said...

Now THAT'S how you hydrate!