Sunday, March 9, 2008

40 mile week, travel

Well this morning started out very nice thank you very much. I did a 19+ mile run that finally oficially pushed me over the 40 mile mark. The gloden barrier that supposed to mean that at this point I will become lightning fast in marathons. We shall see. But none the less it was a great run, and I feel great.

However, the day is looking ....not so good at this point. I am now sitting on the floor in the concourse in Newark airport awaiting my flight and travels to Cedar Falls Iowa to begin. It already looks like THAT will be a marathon, since my flight is delayed and I will miss my connecting flight. The next flight that can take me to Iowa is full so I am on standby for that. I hjave decided that if I cannot get on there thenI will suck it up and drive the 5 hours between Chicaco and Iowa. Lets see how it goes.

I just LUUUVVV the jetset life!! lol