Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Don't have enough of it. This week I was discussing this with the beginners tri team from the Westchester JCC that I am coaching. The issue some of them have run into is the time issue.

I gave them some tips and pointer on how to find that extra hour in the day that they need for training for a sprint. However, time is Always an issue. its a real balancing act. This morning for example I am scheduled for a 1 hour bike workout. I figured on how much time I needed to give myself etc. Turns out it was not enough. Instead of a 1 hour workout it was only 30 minutes. I didn't take into consideration walking the dog, filling tires changing my bike outfit because I would not be caught dead in the garish orange outfit I setup last night ( what was I thinking? :), you know important stuff!

So now I know I have to wake up at 5AM, and do a little more preparation the night before.

But the truth is that time will always be an issue. This is where you need to priorities what you really want. We all have a thousand things going on, but do I need to really know who did what to who on Survivor? Clearly not, that ssilly not nearly as important as who got booted of American Idol, or what on earth did Paula say now? ;)


Pam said...

What about The Real World!? This ironman thing has gone WAY too far:)

rambonie said...

two suggestions. First, setting up the night before will help alot. For example, getting the bike set up doesnt need to be doen the mornign of, the tires hold air overnight, Fill your bottles, etc. Second, get a dvr to record those imprtant television prgrams, and watch them whiel stretchign and doing core, FAST FORWARD THROUGH THE COMMERCIALS, that will save you 20 mins on every hour.