Thursday, May 8, 2008

Doggie Duathlon Bling

So because we are all potential future world Champions of the Doggie Duathlon sports world, every canine competitor gets a CUSTOM flotation vest for the swim. Made to size and will be sporting the race logo and the dogs name and race # stitched on the side!

We just this week received Simbas vest to try on, we have to send it back for the final touches. It fit her like a glove!
This month we begin the Open water training at the nearby lake. Still have to figure out a harness contraption so that I can swim with her and have her tethered to me without interfering with my Masters refined swim stroke ( did you just think "Master what?" ! I heard you )

Her running is going smooth though lately she has been pulling over alot Mid run to relieve herself. Clearly she is not getting the purpose of this training.

I will have to break out my "dog whisperer " references to see how I can motivate her better, you know by speaking her lingo.

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