Thursday, May 1, 2008

Evening ride

Ahhh Spring....the return of longer days! After an aborted morning workout due to complete miscalculating of the amount of time required to get my bike ready ( Yessssss I forgot to prepare my stuff the night before.) fortunately this is one of the only weeks left before IM Wisconsin that I have one a day workouts. So I came home today at 7 determined that I would get the ride in no matter what. So I took Dusty the road bike out since he has the head lights and such. Anyhow, I left around 7:15 PM and had a great short ride on what will become a very regular route for a short ride or time trial.

Anyhow, I returned around 8:15 and lo and behold! There was still a little bit O light left. That means in a few weeks I'll be able to squeeze in some slightly longer rides. Love it!

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