Saturday, February 7, 2009

Proper Running form

Now early in the year I am always reminded of proper running form. Precisely because in the winter you deal with ice on the roads. This forces me to run properly because I naturally take a shorter stride in order to maintain control and not end up splayed out on the ground with a Brand spanking new injury to nurse.

Last year when coaching the Couch to Sprint program for Race with Purpose I realized that we as adults have often lost our ability to run properly. We have over time in our lives built in all kinds of bad habits in running that make us more prone to injury and less efficient.

Here are a few videos that I feel offer some good tips on proper running form. ( Sorry for the obvious commercial for Newtons. I don't use them myself so can't comment as to how good they are, but the first few minutes of the video is pretty good.)

The second is from Champ Dave Scott.

Newton Vid

Dave Scott


Jamie said...

Cool videos. Thanks for posting.

Simeon of Kent said...

very useful, thanks. I had been a heel-striker for years and am now trying to change. My other bane is massive over-pronation which gives me PT tendinitis in my left ankle. Custom orthotics have helped though.