Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lousy training week

This so far is a week I have managed not to have for quite awhile. It seems every time I am ready to do a workout something seems to come up. Work has been particularly good at this lately. I have had to stay late everyday and by the time I get home its too late to get to the pool and there are just things to do. Then morning comes and instead of being able to get a run out I have to shovel snow. Finally I managed to get a trainer session in this morning. But it just seems like everything gets in the way.

I guess the imortant thing to remember is that this happens at times. Its still incredibly early in the season and a few days truly does not hurt. I will just have to make up some of the workouts as best I can. This is just life training for an ironman and having a very full job.


Strouter said...

Hang in there -- we all have weeks that don't go according to plan. I used to beat myself up over them, but sometimes they're a blessing in disguise. You'll get back on track soon enough!

Kellie said...

Hey Javier - hang in their my friend. The only time things don't get in the way for me is 4-7 in the morning so that is when I workout. Painful but your body gets use to it. We all have those weeks for sure and getting to the pool is the hardest thing for me but my worst discipline!! Next week will be great...keep the faith!