Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Slow but steady

OK so I, after some research, have found a few useful exercises I can do without ruining my collarbone or back. I can do some core work, not all not because of my shoulder but because of my back. BUT did do leg raises and strangely enough I was able to do planks. I started off slowly yesterday just to get a feel for it and see if it aggravated anything. Literally 15 second efforts. No negative effects! So Today I will continue with 15 seconds but add more reps. So I figure I can slowly work that up as well as scissor kicks. I know I can do the stationary bike so long as I am sitting up ( cant bend forward due to back) But it still works the legs.

My doc did say I could begin to do light strength work on the arms also, like use a 5 lb dumbbell do do curls and such. He emphasized it was just to keep muscle tone not to build strength.

So I think I can slowly start to work back into these, over time. Looking forward to getting going, but right now patience is more important. I can easily screw up the recovery I have had thus far. So I will take it lightly. This is the one reason I will not try the light run strategy the doc said I could do, because the last time i tried it, after 20 minutes I was zoning out as I do when running and found my self taking off when I felt good. that is until my collarbone started to hurt from the bouncling around. The temptation to "Book" is just too strong.

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