Sunday, October 12, 2008

The 5 K run

Well as part of the World Wide Festival of races I did a 5 K run at the Rockies. It was my return to running of sorts so I did not want to push it. I was joined Jackie at the Rockies, who was there with other Rockies regulars like Irwin and some of the Westchester Tri folks.

It was a beautiful day, and I was joined by Simba. Who as usual did awesome. My results were 31:04. Pretty slow for me. But plenty fine since I was just enjoying a pain free run :)

The Sleepy Hollow High Parking lot where just about All Rockies runs start from

Me and Simba on a Sunny day

Simba was wearing her race attitude and gear!

Yes she is pulling me along. a 9 min pace just won't do

The Start of the Rockies trail


Jackie said...

Glad to be a part of your return. See you soon on the trails. But, um, that parking lot is in Sleepy Hollow. :)

Javier said...

Picky Picky!! ;)