Sunday, November 8, 2009

Buenos Aires

Well here I am traveling again. I am now in Buenos Aires for a couple of days on business, then I onto Sao Paolo Brazil for a week and a half. At first glance it would seem that this trip is well timed considerring what is happening in my life. For those that do not know me personally, or that I speak to on a regular basis, I am going through a divorce, I dont think I ever said that here, so there you have it. This also explains the lack of posts on my part. Life has not been steady, nor has there been much time for me to focus on triathlon or athletic much recently.

So not much to post. But now as I begin to settle into a life of being separated, (thanks to a great amazing friend who has let me stay in this beautiful apartment in the upper east side of Manhattan) I have found that despite all the change, I am settling in quite nicely. This business travel does not help however. But such is life.

One of the good things about travel is the oportunity to see different things. Even during business travel whose main purpose is work I still get glimpses of a different culture. Today I arrived in Argentina early, so I had the rest of Sunday to settle in and see a little. I went out and started to walk because it was such a nice spring day here. Eventually I came across a park that was full of monuments. At least thats what it looked like to me. There was one monument that had 2 guards stationed in front. It was dedicated to all of the fallen in the Falkands war. Very reminiscent to the Vietnam war memorial. A Black Marble wall with hundreds of names on it.

There were also a number of other standard "general on horseback" statues and such. Beautiful all of them. The city itself is very european in feel. In fact so are the people. When looking at how they dress and act and physically as well I feel as if I am in Spain. Not what most americans would think of as Latin American.

Anyhow its very nice here, after my walk I did a 1 hr run, of course the Garmin was low on battery, so I dont know how far. And now I am having a late lunch. The rest of the day will be for preparing clothes for work and relaxing for a bit. Also start to think of what I am going to do with my coaching business which I plan on building on (slowly) and my focus for next years races. I havedecided to keep short races focussing on speed, but Iam feeling the pull of the marathon lately. May have to throw one of them infor next year also.

Stay tuned


Patrick said...

Welcome to Buenos Aires, Javier! Too bad you missed the 21K on Saturday was amazing! If you want any advice on great places to run and things to do in Baires...just let me know.

Here's more on the local running scene...

Jackie said...

Jealous of your trip and enjoying the Spring. There's a big park near the river where lots of people run. 6 mile loop - Drew and I did a very long, hot run there. It's an ecological park - some preserve. Great people watching too! Highly recommended. Wish I could remember the name, but that was pre-baby and I've forgotten a lot since then! Let's run when you get back!

Javier said...

Patrick, If only I was here longer to enjoy Buenos Aires more. Sadly my trip here is only for two days, then its onto Sao Paolo. I will keep your info in mind for future trips!

Jackie, yes Its spring here NANANA!! Its WARM!! hehe

Catch you back in NY.

Strouter said...

Hey Javier -- well, obviously it's been far too long since we've caught up, but wanted to say hello and let you know I'm catching up on you via your blog. Keep in touch -- I'm moving to Flagstaff in a couple of weeks, so if you ever want a high-altitude training adventure, you always have a place to stay! I'm thinking about getting back into a couple short tri races next season. Time to get back on that bike and into the pool. Boston first though :).
Anyway - take care of yourself and let's catch up sometime soon.

Tiffany said...

Hey, I went to Buenos Aires last year and let me tell you that the Ecological Reserve and the Botanical Garden are one of the most beautiful places. After doing some research to rent apartments buenos aires I found one in Palermo which was near the zoo and also the downtown.
I had the best of times!