Sunday, October 11, 2009

Speed Speed and more SPEED!!

Well having accomplished my IM goal, and dealing with serious time constraints due to work and circumstances, I have decided that next year my focus will be for Sprint distance races. They are short, fun, and do not require as much training time as Ironman distance races.

Also I have traditionally done relatively well always placing in the top 20% without specifically training for them . So I figure to do better than that once I do train for them. As such this off season I am developing a strength training program to help me develop power, thus more speed. I am also training to PR on a 10K in December.

I think this should give me enough focus for now to keep me going and also give me the room I need to take care of life.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Nice plan Jav. I might switch it up and focus on Olys next year instead of HIMs.

Work hard on that power this offseason and get ready to steal some age group medals!