Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sao Paulo

So my journeys have now led from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo Brazil. I have been here before several times and each time I seem to be around for a historic event of nefarious or not so good consequences. There is the Wonderful prison riots that resulted in street gangs attacking the police on the streets of the city. This resulted in several days of marshal law where we could not be out after 8PM. Then just this week I just arrived at my hotel just 10 minutes before the Great Blackout that affected 50% of the country. Awesome I am a witness to Brazilian history haha

Anyhow I was looking online at wikitravel for info on what to see in Sao Paulo, and came across this line regarding customs and specifically when to kiss on the cheek:

"Men kiss women on the cheek and women kiss women as well, but two men will not kiss unless they are gay"

I have to say that was refreshingly honest haha

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