Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Natural Sports drink

I just received a shipment of ONE Coconut water, and let me tell you..LOVING IT!

I have already had 3 of these suckers. They are delicious. But the beauty is they are 100% natural and they give me similar benefits that you can get from drinking a sports drink. Now the coconut water does in fact point this out in the back, showing a comparison. Which looks pretty damned favorable for the coconut water. However, being a triathlete I happen to have handy a small collection of sports drinks to compare directly. I have Gatorade and Accelerade. So here are some stats:

110 MG sodium
30 Mg potassium
14 grams carbs

190 mg sodium
65 mg Potassium
21 g carbs
coloring artificial

O.N.E Coconut water
60 mg of sodium
670!! ml potassium
15 grams of carbs

So what does this tell me, it tells me that Coconut water is in some cases better as a sports drink than the Uber-popular gatorade. Accelerade is probably a better option for long events, or pop in a NUUN for the added electrolytes where I may need a bit more sodium. But for everyday workouts and recovery drinks. Coconut water is Plenty. That PLUS ITS 100% NATURAL!!

You should see the laundry list of ingredients that Accelerade has! What the heck is Trahalose ( Ascend tm)?

I'll take the Coconut water if I have it, thank you very much!


Kel said...

I drink Vita Coco 100% pure coconut water and have it setup where amazon ships a box every month. LOVE it and was also thinking I should figure out a way to use it in my races!

Jen said...

I just picked up a squeezable all natural applesauce to try in place of gels. I'll let you know how that goes.

HolisticGuru said...

I'm pretty sure Trahalose is similar to biznitches. As in, "rollin in my 5.0 wit all my biznitches and trahalose"

brthomas said...

Coconut water sounds interesting, but any fruit juice can be simply diluted to produce a great tasting sports drink. The labels on the fruit juice bottles provide the sugar content information needed in the recipe for making 100% natural homemade sports drinks. This allows us to get the optimum sugar concentration needed for most rapid absorption of the fluid into your body.
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I use stevia for flavor enhancement & sweetening if a diluted fruit juice tastes too bland.
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