Thursday, May 7, 2009

Am I overtraining or am I just a lazy ass?

This is the question I received today from one of my athletes who shall remain nameless. I looked at her workouts and what she logged about them. There could only be one conclusion....wrote her back "Your a lazy ass, now HTFU and get your workout done!"

Now I tend to goof around allot with this Athlete who normally works her Butt off. So I can say stuff like that, normally I wouldnt mention the lazy ass part ;)

But Overtraining is a serious thing, and you know it when you feel it. In this case once she got started with her workout she felt fine. That to me is the sign that its overtraining or just life stressing you out. Often I feel my feet dragging and dont want to go for a run, but once I get started I picku p within a few minutes. In fact if I dont get into a workout after 20 minutes thats a sign for me to take a day off. Which does happen.

But most of the time the workouts feel fine.

Overtraining is not just one workout but you know you are overtrained when a series of workouts just feel wrong, no energy, no zipp at all. If this goes on for awhile not just one day, then yes you may be overtrained.

If thats not the case, then just HTFU and get out there :)


HolisticGuru said...

Maybe you should tell this person, who is remaining nameless, that she should get back into her yoga practice a bit. This same exact thing happened to me last week with feeling like I was overtraining... and I mean EXACTLY the same thing. But I did some yoga on Thursday and now my legs feel 98% again :) I guess that was the trick.

Other things you could do for this particular client:

1. send her some money "just because"
2. write her final paper for her Scientific Writing class
3. design and order some racing kits that maintain the perfect balance of BadAss and pretty.
4. arrange for special finish line organic/healthy food catering, not only at the end of races but also any long training workouts.
5. send regular supplies of Action Wipes, Honey Stingers, and ONE coconut water.
6. get the Guru sponsorship for her
7. have them send a sweet Guru dream bike (orange or maybe green)

That should do it. Follow these simple steps and your athlete will feel a decrease in stress so that she can resume training without feeling overtrained.

Javier said...

Ummm OK, well working on it, but see a problem with item 1,2,4,6,7 so aftraid stress may continue for a bit. Yuck

Kona Shelley said...

I tell myself to HTFU all of the time, not sure i'll ever be overtrained though..:-)