Saturday, May 23, 2009

Even in my Sleep!

The setting..... 5AM last night---


Me- HuH? What?!

Wife - Will you shut up!

Me - What are you talking about, I am sleeping!

Wife- Yeah but you are yelling "Come on Christine!! Push it!! Push!! Get up! Come on Climb that Sucker!! GO!! CLIMB!! AW RIGHT!! WAY TO GO!!"

Me - Umm Sorry

Wife- Coach Tomorrow, Shut up and sleep now!! Come on Do it! You can do it!



Kel said...

I think I just wet my cycling shorts! Your poor wife! Very funny :)

runner-grrl said...

Funny! Nice "spin" on talking in your sleep. :-) --Alex (aka run350)

Javier said...

Haha Spin, Like that

HolisticGuru said...

OMG. For some reason I get the sense that I'm So Dead this weekend.

By the way, I'm so excited I couldn't sleep. 4 hours of total shut eye and I'm WIRED!!!

Javier said...

Be afraid, be very afraid lol

Jamie said...

Wow. Getting caught dreaming about another woman? You got let off EASY!