Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sucky Swim day

OK so my plan was to do 3300 meters today. I get to the pool and I encounter my first obstacle: Every lane was taken. It seems nowadays they have kids classes at all hours of the day. I seldom go there when there isn't a class. Anyhow, this old guy who I have seen around before, tells me that I can swim in with him. I did not want to be rude and tell him I wanted to go in the other lane where the guy was swimming pretty fast. I hesitated and he says "Wah?" , "Oh nothing" So he sees my little Gail Bernhardt Swim workout Book, and asks me what it is, so I tell him it has allot of swim drills and workouts for Triathletes, so he looks at me and says

"Oh your one of those, I only Tri women"

Wise guy ( but kinda funny)

Anyhow, I get in the lane but this guy would not stop talking! I mean I am taking my time putting on my goggles, my swim cap, adjusted the goggles, made sure to tuck the straps under the swim cap.....figuring at some point he will stop and continue with his swim. Nope.

all the while I am waiting, this guy is "yada,yada,yada the Alcohol lobby is too strong... yada yada"

In my head I am just thinking "SHUT UP!!!!!!"

So clearly a change in strategy was required.

So next, I was trying to find a way I could intercede and say something meaningful and yet finite. Nothing...I came up with nothing.

SO while he was talking away I was thinking -would it be rude to just start swimming while he is talking to me? Maybe he wouldn't notice.

I mean he just talked..... did not even care to hear about anything I had to say. Just kept on going "yada yada politicians can't be trusted, I am a lawyer ...I know! yada yada Life is too short."

So anyways Finally I was driven to a point I could take it no longer, time was ticking. When he stopped to catch a breath I threw in "Ok anyhow nice talking to you but I have to leave soon, so time is short" and I just dove in before he had a chance to say anything.

I decided the wise thing was to do an extended session of laps doing flip-turns so I did not have to come out of the water. I knew he was waiting there like a verbal shark waiting to pounce! If I just popped my head out once he would assault me with a barrage of conversation.

I got lucky, he chose a new mark, the poor sap that was in the other lane, so he left my lane to talk to him. I stopped on the other side of the pool and could see the other guy just nodding his head, and the old guy just talking away.

Anyhow, I was now well into 5-600 meters of the warm up when whadda ya know? The frigging fire alarm goes off! At first the High School Life guard was like " I don't know what that is!" But when we peeked out of the pool we saw the Gym was basically empty. Which was a good sign that we should leave.

At this point I decided its just time to call it a night. Tomorrows a new day.

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Philip LaVoie said...

Holy Crap! I got nailed by walter yesterday morning too! I just posted the same thing and saw you had an rss update started reading this and the moment you said "lawyer" knew it *had* to be the same guy. And not only does he talk but he bellows. A real nice guy, but don't think he gets why we're there and that we have other things to get onto ;-)