Monday, April 14, 2008

Self Supported Marathon

This Saturday I am finally doing my self supported marathon. the map of the run is below. For the sake of making it feel "official". This is the inaugural "North County Trails marathon". Its basically an out and back on

Here are my goals:

I will be happy with a total 3:45:00

I will be ecstatic with a 3:30:00

Basically I am starting from Millwood and running North for 13.1 miles and then turning around. I will be planting a water bottle at( or around) the turning point. I will be carrying my own fuel on my fuel belt.


Joe said...

Javier, this is awesome! Every year I become more and more of a self-supported race fan. Your motivation is pure - have a rock'in race man! What kind of finishing medal do you have for yourself? hahaha

Javier said...

Finishing metal? Well I'll have a bud light. It sort of has a metallic taste to it don't it? lol

But yeah the Self supported races I find can be helpful in training. Its still nice to have a BIG event to work towards but the smaller races no problem saving some money and doing them on my own.