Sunday, October 7, 2007

2008 Objectives

OK. I know what I said about goals in my last post but now that I am more rested I feel better about them. Anyhow I met all of my 2007 goals so they are not so bad.

I had 3 goals for 2007 and they were:

1. Bike speed on ave 17-18 mph by June 30
2. Finish Tupperlake Tinman in Better than 5:45
3. Finish NYC Triathlon better than 2:40


1. My Bike average in Tupper was 18.5 mph *met the objective :)
2. Finished Tupper in 5:44:01 *Met objective by 59 seconds! :) Note this included dealing with leg cramps on the run so I could probably have done better.
3. Finished NYC Tri in 2:37 *met objective :)

So overall I had a great year in meeting my objectives for 2007

So here goes for 2008

1. Improve my Bike average at Tupper Lake to 19.5 mph
2. Finish Tupper Lake in 5:30
3. Do the Tupper Lake run in 1:40 or about 7:30 pace
4. Finish IM Wisconsin in better than 14 hours ( the goal really is finishing being its the first IM for me)

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