Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ironman on a dollar a day

As I sit here counting the massive amounts of money seemingly stream out of the bank account as myself and my wife participate in this endurance sport of selling and buying real-estate, it occurs to me there will not be much left in the kitty for upgrading the Tri gear for 08.
When I first thought of taking on an Ironman event I figured I would of course upgrade to some Superior equipment. Something that would finally make me look like a REAL triathlete....Like This-

However, the above Bike costs many thousands of dollars. After we finally buy this house I think the only Tri Bike I will be able to afford is This....

Ok so I am being dramatic. I know. But I guess I wish I could set my self up with all of the equipment necessary to give myself the best advantage possible when assaulting the Ironman challenge. Being that I am riding a bike that I bought two years ago when I was unsure if I would like the sport, and thus did not invest a whole lot of money into it, its not exactly top or middle of the line. Dusty ( the bike) was never meant to be used in a gigantic effort like IM.

On the flip side, as has been said, "its not the bike, but the man". Dusty may not be a speed machine, but it will be more than enough to get t=me to the finish line. And perhaps this is for the best. In my first IM Triathlon I don't know if I want the pressure of performance goals other than to finish. The Bike I have is good enough for that. Its best to let the real performance goals to the next IM.

There are some upgrades I will probably be able to do like getting a better Bike computer, possibly a GPS/ HR monitor (Garmin 305) to help in training. Better peddles, etc. If I look there are small upgrades I can make to improve my equipment. But really the best equipment I can improve is myself and that doesn't cost much to do. With a little creativity I will manage.

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