Friday, September 14, 2007

7 to 10 days

Well Since I fedexed the application for the community fund slot I am able to see that it has arrived and been delivered. Now I suppose is the waiting period, to find out if I got in. In the meantime I have decided to take a small break from Training so that I can focus on some areas of my life that are currently in dire need of my attention.

1) Finally looks like we are selling the damned Condo I live in. Now we are in a real need to find a replacement home.

2) Work has been insane and will get next since I will be on my mandatory two week break in a week or so.

Also since I have been travelling so much lately my wife has been taking care of all problems at home on her own. Its time I pitched in a little. I find that actually if I participate in my marriage it actually goes better :)


Coach said...

No!!!!!! Don't do it. Stop the madness. Help around the house? What are you thinking????

Javier said...
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Javier said...

House work? What the! I mean to work on my Origami projects! jeese I haven't had time to get past the damned neck of the freeky looking goose.