Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Motivation

Its funny that lately I seem to find much motivation from of all places commercials and Videos. Motivational videos are like Love songs for me, You know how when you are in love or falling out of love, suddenly all songs you hear somehow relate to your situation? Well Motivation is in a similar category.

when I am in need of some I will find motivation in almost anything I see unless its truly bad. But for most other times I may see one and just pass it by. However, there are just a number of well made videos out there that just move me even if I am already in a high, and have the potential to turn me around during a bad or tough time. Since the head game is a huge part of training and racing, this is something that as a coach and athlete I cannot just ignore. So without further ado...

This one from Levi's made me want to go out there and take something on, something BIG.

Then there is the Versus Commercial that just gets me MOVING, The underdog, never count me out!

Might as well add these others:

Michael Jordan - Its my fault

Lots of Quotes in this one, but I liked it

Famous Failures

No Excuses - Love it, cant get up and get that run in?

Any other videos out there I should consider? Lemme know!

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