Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Taper Thoughts

Its funny what happens in my head during a taper. Aside from the usual insecurities that come when you lower the amount of time spent workingv out, there also are effects on my thoughts. Different thoughts come up.

For example earlier today a thought occurred to me about how the "Clowning Industry" must consider it Abject failure that most Children and many adults are afraid of them? I mean really what clown thought up the idea of dressing up with psycho hair, Giant Blood red lips and crazy eyes in order to entertain?

They are supposed to make you feel happy and entertained. Instead they are almost universally hated. Talk about a PR nightmare!


Frozentriette said...

Along those same lines, this morning before I was fully awake I had this amazing idea for a full length feature film starring Ronald McDonald, the Hamburgler, and all the gang. As I began to get more conscious I was like what the HECK am I thinking about that for?? -my 'pre coffee world' is almost illegal.

Javier said...

HAHA I guess pre-coffee and taper have a similar effect.