Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well its the day before the fateful Ironman. Taking the time to walk around and enjoy the Placid area. What a beautiful town. Walking around here is like walking through Athlete Mecca.

Walking around you kinda feel as if you are an Olympian of sorts. I went into a deli for some water and they saw my wrist band and asked me to sign their IMLP poster. It seems the businesses are doing this now. The businesses do try and make you feel special.

Yesterday myself, Phil and Tom went for a swim at Mirror Lake. I saw that many others already had the same idea:

The Lake is beautiful, and the swim course is extremely well marked. I mean there is literally a giant bouey's every 50 meters for the entire distance. Its kinda hard to get lost here.

Then after the swim I went to check in, it is done in teh School next to the Olympic arena. The transition is setup right in front:

Looks like its going to be INSANE!

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