Monday, June 1, 2009

Ridgefield Triathlon

Great race. Started off the day a bit tired and unmotivated. In fact I got there a bit late and barely had time to setup. I ran into Guru on the bathroom line while she was texting me " where the Freak are you?!" haha. As I said I was pretty nonchalant about the race. Very relaxed.

For breakfast I Had my normal peanut butter on wholewheat slices.

After setting up, Me and Guru went in and warmed up in the water prior to the first wave. I was in the second wave. The weather was perfect, the first wave went off and all looked good. This time for some reason I decided to mix it up with the goons in the mob. So I stuck myself in the middle near the front of the group. This was in fact a very stressful position to be in. Got smacked a few times and I am sure I kicked a few folks too. but I did not get caught up with going crazy at the start and allowed myself to be pulled by the draft. My sighting was Dead-on. I took the inner line and never left it. I literally hit the first bouey with my shoulder. Same with the second. I was steady in my pace and before reaching the first bouey I had past allot of the folks who bulldozed past me and was actually now hitting the first wave of swimmers. When I got out of the water I was in the middle of the previous wave. I think I finished like 9th or 10th in my wave. which was pretty good.

Went into the bike with no complications, and the bike was smooth. I felt great and because it was a sprint I figured to push as hard as I can. The Ridgefield course is slightly hilly but nothing too hard. Mostly Rolling. I was able to average about 18MPH.

I headed out to the run and was not feeling it. But much to my surprise, I managed to pull a 21:50 5k which is something like 7:20 min miles.

When all was said and done I had finished in the top 3rd of both my age group and my race. My buddies at the race did pretty damned goo too, Phil came in 4th in his age group, Pro and coach John Hirsch won the whole damned thing while breaking the course record. And My pal, and OpIron Athlete extraordinaire holisticguru, was in the lead in her age group when she Crashed on the bike. You can read all about it here. Good news is she walked out of it with a smile.

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HolisticGuru said...

Awesome job bossman! And non-chalant about this race is an understatement for how you showed up. Maybe that's your new secret weapon.