Saturday, June 13, 2009

Buying a used Bike?

I received an emailed question from someone in my home town about buying a used bike, Here was my response:

What is your goal for this triathlon? Are you just looking to have fun and experience a triathlon? or are you a competitive type and want to do really well. If you are looking for the experience only then see if you can borrow a bike, also you can do a tri in a hybrid. I personally prefer someone know what they want before spending any money on a bike. OK so you decide you want a bike.

Then, figure out your budget. Don't go looking for a bike and figure you will pay what you need too. Because you will end up possibly spending more than you want to or have to.
SECOND, go to a bike shop, ask them to tell you what size bike you will need. Bikes come in a variety of sizes. Getting the right size bike is KEY to having a bike properly fit for you. While there look around ask lots of questions, tell them your needs and heck even ask them if they have anything that fits your budget. Generally you can find a decent entry level road bike for about $800 and $1000. See if they have a new bike that fits your budget. I would definitely go with a road bike.

As for where to buy a used Bike, Craigslist, Ebay etc Unfortunately there are not too many bike shops that sell used bikes. At least not in Westchester.

If you go the used bike route, I know people who have had success getting a bike through Craigslist. That is because on Craiglist the ads are normally local and the buyer has been able to see the bike before buying.

Something to consider when you buy a bike used, there are other expenses you may not think about. for example It is recommended to get the bike fit for you. This is a process where the bike shop adjusts the bike for you ( ie handlebars, seat adjustments) so that you get most comfort and power from the bike.That will probably cost you somewhere between $1-200. You probably also have to get it tuned up, thats another $1-200. These costs are already included included when you buy a bike from a shop. That is why I suggest you figure out your budget before bike shopping. Because if you find a bike online for $500 its really going to cost you anywhere between 7-900 by the time you are ready. That is no deal unless you are buying a fantastic bike that would normally cost much more.

Finally, don't worry about aerobars, you wont need them. At least not now if you are a beginner.

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PuiYee said...


I stumbled upon your blog and i have a question, i hope you're able to help. Is swimming safe when i'm dealing with extensor tendinitis/the pain on the top of my foot. Has any doctor recommended other forms of cardio while my leg heals?

Thank you.