Friday, November 28, 2008

The stratedgy

OK so far due to travel I have not been pushing too hard on the training. I figured I still had healing to do and when travelling the training is not the best anyhow. So I used that time to just start getting my body used to workouts. Some running, cycling on stationary gym bikes and started core work. All of it base and not more than an hour. I also threw in other things like the elliptical or whatever was available in the Hotel gym where sometimes the treadmill was taken.

Now however I am back home for a few months ( I hope) and the collarbone "feels" better. So now I am planning on using December to slowly build Base again more time on the trainer and more time running. Still one workout a day 6 days a week. Also add work for core.

Can't yet do any swimming until I get clearance from the doc, who I will see this coming Teusday for a followup Xray to see if the bone has fused.

Hopefully all will be well. Then January the training will truly begin. Grrrrrrr


Anonymous said...


Philip LaVoie said...

Can't wait for the full op-iron plan to be in execution. Altho, i was at the pool the other day, and your buddy "the talker" is baaaaaack. :(

Javier said...

NOooooooooo!!!!! Not the talker!!!

PJ said...

Good luck at the appointment. Hope you get thea all-clear for swimming!