Monday, July 4, 2011

June 7 A new sad phase in life

The day has come that I have been dreading for so long.  On June 7 ay 1:48 AM my father passed away.

It was not unexpected, we knew it was coming after 4 months of struggle.  Still it seems to have come on us too fast.  For years he had been battling Melanoma.  having it pop up on his back, several times.  each time to have to have it surgically removed.  However he recovered each time and was declared "clean" after his surgery.  But with Melanoma there is no true "clean" and back in January  the doctors first noticed a spot on his lung.  They immediately suspected it was Melanoma due to its being in an area directly below the skin where he had his original Melanoma.

Once Melanoma spreads to the organs it is an advanced stage Melanoma and is difficult to treat.  In my fathers case it was a incredibly aggressive Cancer.  He only made it a few months.

Though we are devastated by his loss, we get comfort in knowing that he is now at rest.

We are still trying to come to terms, and acceptance comes slowly but I know it will come. My family setup a memorial fundraising page with the American Cancer Society.  We hope to help raise money that will help in research that would help fight this horrible disease.  The page can be found here:

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