Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When to rest

So I was up this morning to do a trainer workout. I was looking forward to it since I have not been able to get a good workout in in probably a week. The travel last week to Colorado took a chunk of time where I could only run. Then I came back from Colorado with a brand spanking new cold. So now I went to run last night with Simba and couldn't breath due to coughing fits so that was cut short. This morning I couldn't stop coughing enough to hold teh bike steady to put the bike in the trainer. Well it took me 5 minutes to do something I normally do in 30 seconds. Its a sign.

So it was back to bed. But of course I am awak now so after 10 minutes of tossing and turning, I decided to just get up and get an early start to the day.

Whether you should train through sickness or not that is a common question. In fact just yesterday Christine ( HolisticGuru ) was asking me the same thing since she herself is fighting off a Flu. My answer was let your body tell you. If you have no energyt and just cant get a good workout in, you are betteroff letting your body do what it has to do, and fight off this illness.

Same goes for me. As much as I hate it when I am now eneterring a Build phase in my prep for IMLP. Between work travel and sickness I will have lost a week of training. However, it will take longer if I don't let my body recover. I will just have to absord the 15 seconds I will lose out on my finish time at IM LP due to this missed workout :)

Life happens. Thats what the balancing act we have to do withFamily, training, work, Friends ..


Kona Shelley said...

Yup, you got that does happen!!!

Lora said...

You are so right that it'll take you longer to recover if you push it now than if you just let it ride without pushing yourself. But, I don't really need to confirm that for you. Afterall, you're the coach! Ha ha.